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Micasling is a registered mark of the Association Baby Bonding - Strada di Gandria 39A - Castagnola(CH) - All rights reserved.
Every indicaten to Micasling, if it does not refer to the specific product, it refers to the BBA

Baby Bonding is an association ex art 60 of the swiss civil code and it operates by swiss laws.

Orders are correctly received if confirmed by BBA with an automatic generated email response sent to the email address given. This response will have a date and time of receipt.

When the order is processed, an email with an order number is sent. This order number should be used when contacting BBA
If you do not receive the first or second email, the order has not been received or cannot be processed.




All prices are for the public. BBA has the right to change them at any time.
Shipping costs are not included in the price of the product.
Total price including shipping costs will appear on the Order Confirmation email.
Orders for Switzerland and Liechnestein can be expressed in swiss francs (CHF) Orders for EU countries can be expressed in euros.


Online orders are accepted only for shipping to Swiss or European destinations. For shipping to other countries please contact BBA directly.


Shipping costs -  unless there is a special offer present  they must be paid by the person who is purchasing the products on the order form.
There are no other costs.

For Switzerland : up to 2kg  - 12 swiss francs
more than 2kg - 14 swiss francs

For Italy  :         9 Euro with anticipated payment - 14 Euro with payment on receipt

For Europe :     12 Euro - Registered Airmail


Other countries : Please contact BBA for a quote


Products are delivered to the address reported in the order form.
BBA is not responsible for damages occurring during shipping.
BBA cannot be held responsible if an order is processed late by the courier or if the products are delivered late.

When you receive your order please check:
- that the package is not damaged, wet or broken.

In the event of a damage or if something is missing the person delivering your order must be immediately informed and the package must be "received with reserve" or "received with reserve because damaged"

Products must be checked within 5 days of receipt. Any damages must be communicated with a registered letter. Please inform us by email first.

Delivery time

Delivery time must be calculated from the shipping date and they are those given for A post in Switzerland,  Postafree in Italy and Registered airmail for Europe.

Import Taxes

All costs and taxes are to be paid directly by the recipient.

Return policy

All products can be returned within 5 days of receipt.
To return items please contact BBA directly for the correct procedure to receive full reimbursement of products.
The following conditions for return and reimbursement apply:
- you cannot return only part of the product
- the product must not be damaged and must be sent in it's original packaging
- the product must not be used\damaged\dirty
-return costs must be paid by the recipient
-responsability for the return package is the recipient's
-in the case of damage during return shipment BBA will provide the necessary documentation for the recipient to demand reimbursement from the shipping company.
-In the case of lost of the products while returning them BBA cannot be held responsible
-On receiving returned products BBA will reimburse the total cost of the products but not the shipping costs in a maximum of 30days from receipt having received from the recipient the necessary bank details


Learn about Micasling - the baby carrier

Learn about Micasling -  the baby carrier
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Buy Micasling - the baby carrier
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Simple ideas for useful baby products. Items not produced by us are carefully chosen and tested.
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