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General Information

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All fabric used is of the best quality and produced ethically. The best software is used to allow for a correct view of the color and the type of fabric but nonetheless some difference in tone can be noticed between what is seen online and the real product.
All products sold by BBA have a 24months guarantee for defects in their manufacturing.


All personal data collected by BBA will be used only for the orders on this website and will not be given to others


Images, texts, graphic designs and photographs present on this site belong to BBA
Copies of part or whole  of this site are not allowed unless specifically authorized by BBA.

Legal Contract

All legal conditions of this contract are accepted by the recipient when placing an order. All controversies will regulated by swiss law.

Learn about Micasling - the baby carrier

Learn about Micasling -  the baby carrier
The comfortable baby hammock safe and secure as your loving arms.
A simple and versatile baby sling that helps you carry your baby from the first day to 3 years of age adapting its shape to your baby's growth and development.
Learn about Micasling

Buy Micasling - the baby carrier

Buy Micasling - the baby carrier
Choose from the different colours and fabrics.

Micasling is the baby sling that for 16 years has proven its quality, security and comfort in all independent comparative tests.

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Other Baby Products from Micasling; top quality, comfort and safety.
Simple ideas for useful baby products. Items not produced by us are carefully chosen and tested.
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