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Why use Micasling

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Because it holds your baby in a natural position allowing healthy development.

Because physical contact with you, the parent, is the basis for healthy cognitive and social development.

Because it lulls your baby to sleep cuddled like in your loving arms

Because it protects your baby from cold and wind

Because it allows you to enjoy discrete breast-feeding wherever you are.

Because the stainless steel rings are easy to adjust and very secure.

Because it can be put on and taken off in seconds and is easy to wash.

Because it allows you to carry your baby with your hands free.

Because it lets you keep a correct physical posture distributing the baby's weight.

Why use Micasling - The baby carrier

Learn about Micasling - the baby carrier

Learn about Micasling -  the baby carrier
The comfortable baby hammock safe and secure as your loving arms.
A simple and versatile baby sling that helps you carry your baby from the first day to 3 years of age adapting its shape to your baby's growth and development.
Learn about Micasling

Buy Micasling - the baby carrier

Buy Micasling - the baby carrier
Choose from the different colours and fabrics.

Micasling is the baby sling that for 16 years has proven its quality, security and comfort in all independent comparative tests.

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Simple ideas for useful baby products. Items not produced by us are carefully chosen and tested.
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