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Differences that make a difference

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Micasling, a patented product used by thousands of parents worldwide!

Note! If you have lost the Instructions for use of the baby sling Micasling you can download them or watch them on video.
download in pdf
watch the video instructions

Micasling is a single piece of strong fabric folded double to sustain premature and newborn babies. Others may be single pieces of light fabric with or without pieces joined together.

Micasling is made with 100% high quality cotton or linen. Others may contain synthetic fibres or are of poor quality cotton.

Micasling is closed by two big stainless steel rings. Others may have plastic or wooden rings which are not as secure or strong.

Micasling has wide padded parts for extra confort both for the baby and the adult. Others may have small round and short padded parts.

Micasling comes with complete and clear instructions for a correct use. There is also an infoline for assistance. Some others don't even have proper instructions for use.

Micasling is used by some private and public health centres.

Micasling can be easily recognised by its logo, the Zingi, rure symbol for an alcove and for protection.

Micasling - The baby carrier